Jeff Ashton would not know Due Process if it bit him on his Member

Jeff Ashton would not know Due Process if it bit him on his Member.

Jeff Ashton is a crook.  Only a corrupt, miserable excuse for a human being would claim to deprive Bill Windsor or anyone else of their Constitutional rights to due process maliciously and blatantly.

“Due process basically requires that a person who is deprived of a recognized right must be given some sort of notice and an opportunity for a hearing on the government’s action.”  Jeff Ashton took away Bill Windsor’s right to represent himself sua sponte (Self-initiated by a court).  There was NO NOTICE and NO OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD.  And there was no factual basis or legal basis.

“At a minimum, a person who will be deprived of a right is entitled to a fair decision-making process by an impartial decision-maker.”  Jeff Ashton is unfair, stupid, and committed to killing Bill Windsor with his violations.
Jeffrey L. Ashton's Ashley Madison Girl?
Jeffrey L. Ashton’s Ashley Madison Girl?

I need to see if I can get one of his Ashley Madison girlfriends to stop by, bite him on his Vienna Sausage, and explain DUE PROCESS.

Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton Issued 4 More Orders Against Windsor in February 2021

Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton Issued 4 More Orders Against Windsor in February 2021.

Running Total for Corrupt Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton:

Windsor = 0 … DEFENDANTS = 9.

It was 22 months before William Windsor finally had a ruling somewhat in his favor when the judge set the case for trial.  But the reality is that Jeff Ashton was simply ready to strike the death blow.  In 797 days as the judge in this case as of 3/8/2023, Judge Jeff Ashton never granted one single, solitary motion by the Plaintiff, WINDSOR.

Jeff Ashton is so corrupt that he can’t even figure out how to fake it.  To keep everyone from realizing you are a crook, you throw the good guy a would-be-bone every once in a while.  Jeff Ashton is too stupid to have thought of that.  He’s probably preoccupied playing with his Sex Toys.

3803 ORDER-Granting-Defendants-Motion-for-Attorney-Fees-and-Costs-2021-02-05-09-59-02-AM 2021-02-05 09-59-02-AM
3473 PLAINTIFF-Motion-for-Reconsideration-of-02-04-2021-ORDER 2021-02-14 14-13-45-PM
3574 PLAINTIFF-Petition-for-Writ-of-Prohibition-2021-02-05-06-37-49-AM 2021-02-15 06-37-49-AM
3814 ORDER-on-Defendants-Motion-for-Reconsideration-on- 2-4-2021-Order-of- Judge-Jeffrey-L-Ashton-2021-02-16-15-34-26-PM 2021-02-16 15-34-26-PM
3511 DEFENDANTS-Motion-to-require-pro-se-Plaintiff-William-Windsors-Submissions-to-the-Court-be-reviewed-approved-and-signed-by-a-member-of-the-Florida-Bar-2021-02-17-16-47-35-PM 2021-02-17 16-47-35-PM
3767 PLAINTIFF-Notice-of-Unavailability-2021-02-17-17-21-31-PM 2021-02-17 17-12-31-PM
3835 PLAINTIFF-Motion-to-Strike-Defendants-Emergency-Motion-to-Require-Pro-Se-Plaintiffs-Submissions-to-the-Court-be-Reviewed-by-Member-of-Florida-Bar-2021-02-18-16-22-20-PM 2021-02-18 16-22-20-PM
3794 ORDER-Denying-Plaintiffs-Motion-for-Reconsideration-of-2-4-2021-Order-of- Judge-Jeffrey-L-Ashton-2021-02-19-17-20-01-PM 2021-02-19 17-20-01-PM
3604 DEFENDANTS-Notice-of-Hearing-APRIL-6TH-2021-at-10-15-AM-2021-02-22-12-02-19-PM 2021-02-22 12-02-19-PM
3789 ORDER-Denying-Motion-to-Strike-Defendants-Emergency-Motion-to-Require-Pro-Se-Plaintiffs-Submissions-to-the-Court-be-Reviewed-by-Member-of-Florida-Bar-2021-02-23-15-43-27-PM 2021-02-23 15-43-27-PM
3573 PLAINTIFF-Notice-of-Filing-Letter-to-Judge-Jeffrey-L-Ashton-2021-02-25-23-22-23-PM 2021-02-25 23-22-23-PM
3435 PLAINTIFF-Memorandum-of-Law-Regarding-Pleadings-Signed-by-a-Member-of-the-Florida-Bar-2021-02-26-22-51-31-PM 2021-02-26 22-51-31-PM
3470 PLAINTIFF-Motion-for-Reconsideration-of-Motion-to-Strike-Defendants-Emergency-Motion-to-Require-Pro-Se-Plaintiffs-Submissions-to-the-Court-be-Reviewed-by-Member-of-Florida-Bar-2021-02-26-23-57-05-PM 2021-02-26 23-57-05-PM