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Jeffrey L. Ashton is a liar. He’s dishonest. Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton is corrupt. Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton is a bully who thinks he’s cool, but the L. stands for Loser.

Jeffrey L. Ashton is a liar.  This is a proven fact.

These links tell quite a story about the lies and corruption of Jeff Ashton:

Motion to Disqualify Jeff Ashton and Motion to Recuse Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton

Petition for Writ of Prohibition

Affidavit of Prejudice

69 Demand Letters have been sent to Jeff Ashton’s fellow judges.

Jeff Ashton says on Ashley Madison he has a Skillful Tongue and Fingers and Member

How does Jeff Ashton avoid recusal if he is so dishonest?

Bill Windsor files Criminal Charges against Jeff Ashton

Jeff Ashton Bisexual Adulterer

I, William Michael Windsor, am seeking to have JEFF ASHTON removed as a judge, disbarred as an attorney, and prosecuted as a criminal.  He is currently a circuit court judge in the Ninth Judicial District, but it makes no sense to have a proven liar sit in judgment on others.  My case is 201`8-CA-010270-O, and he lies repeatedly to damage me.
Jeff Ashton seems like he may have been paid off to arrange for me to lose my personal injury case.  The violations of the Constitutions and the lies simply make no sense otherwise.


Coming soon. The whole story of why Jeffrey L. Ashton must be removed and banned from the Orange Country Courthouse.