Bill Windsor is suing all 69 Judges and their Bond Agent in Orange County Florida

69 Demand Letters were sent to Jeff Ashton’s fellow judges by William Michael Windsor. No one responded. So, yesterday, each judge was sent an email advising them that they and their bonding company are being sued.

The bond protects against:

“…conduct or omissions made by public officials that constitute a breach of his or her duties of the office. The bond serves as a guarantee against fraud or dishonesty and covers losses arising from neglect or other serious offenses.”

The emails say this:


Please save this disabled 74-year-old one-handed man some time by responding to this email with a copy of your bond.

Please notify your bonding company that this is coming and that I will be seeking at least eight figures (##,###,###.##).  You may want to let them know that the judge infamous for his Ashley Madison sexual involvement and losing the Casey Anthony case is responsible for your involvement.

William M. Windsor

5013 S Louise Ave #1134
Sioux Falls, SD 57108



This email was written with only one finger because I no longer have the use of my left hand.  Please excuse typos.


See Jeffrey L. Ashton Home – Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton


The letters sent previously said this:

I believe Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton is either mentally impaired or as corrupt as they come, or both.  He has violated the Codes, Rules, laws, and even the Cub Scout Oath.  You have a duty to report him.

Please read my Affidavit or Petition.  There are links on  I will be adding more evidence and charges.  My Affidavit tells the story of one violation and abuse after another, though I haven’t gone into detail for the past year because he has committed one horrendous denial of due process that should get him removed.

His latest is a VOID ORDER depriving me of my Constitutional rights (EXHIBIT A).  He claims to have revoked my right to represent myself in 2018-CA-010270-O without any notice or opportunity to be heard.  The case law cited as authority by him establishes that what he did is illegal.  He has abused me every way possible.

My personal injury case was supposed to go to trial after just over six years on May 22, 2023.  I believe Jeffrey L. Ashton hopes I die before this can go to trial.

I need a new judge, and Jeffrey L. Ashton needs mental health help and a new job.

My life was destroyed on 5/5/2017 by an 18-wheeler.  I was in good health and had never been in a car wreck, but now I’m 74 years old, have five herniated discs in my neck, four in my back, and Diastasis Recti, an allegedly inoperable abdominal injury.

It keeps getting worse.  I recently lost the use of my left hand, and I can no longer walk.  I can’t obtain medical treatment as I’m in bankruptcy and Medicare and others say the lawsuit has to be resolved first.  The Defendants have ZERO evidence or testimony on liability admitted under oath, but they refuse to amend their fraudulent pleadings or admit liability.  I suspect this is because they know they have Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton’s protection.  The young attorney for the Defendants needs to go to acting school as he gave it away.

I have reason to suspect that Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton has been conspiring with the Defendants.  I submit that he is part of a RICO organization.  I hope you aren’t.

I am notifying every judge in the Ninth Circuit in hopes I will find good ones, like Judge Elizabeth Starr, who will take action.  Judge Jeffrey L. Ashton has committed felonies and scores an F- on adherence to the Code of Judicial Conduct.  He has violated every Canon.  He has violated Rule 4-8.3(b) and Rule 4-8.4 of the Florida Rules of Professional ConductI am asking you to report him as is your duty pursuant to Canon 3E, Fla. Code Jud. Conduct, and Rule 2.160, Fla. R. Jud. Admin., as well as Rules Regulating the Florida Bar 3-4.2, 3-4.3, and 3-4.4.

Canon 3D (1) requires: “A judge who receives information or has actual knowledge that substantial likelihood exists that another judge has committed a violation of this Code shall take appropriate action.”

Canon 3E, Fla. Code Jud. Conduct, and Rule 2.160, Fla. R. Jud. Admin., mandate that a judge disqualify himself in a proceeding “in which the judge’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”  He hasn’t, so you must act.

I don’t want to come across as rude when seeking your help, but I must refer you to 18 U.S.C. 4.  I intend to file complaints and sue every judge in the Ninth Circuit who does not report Jeffrey L. Ashton with a copy to me as proof.  If I don’t receive confirmation that you have reported him, I will sue you after first filing a complaint against you with the Judicial Commission.

Please send me your ISLN Number and a copy of your Oath and Bond.

I hope this will become a national news story.  My father was CEO of WFTV Channel 9, and there are still people there who worked with him.  And Casey Anthony, Ashley Madison, and other “sexy” news stories should make this a slam dunk when I, a disabled veteran who almost died on the Florida Turnpike, was denied a most fundamental Constitutional right, and am suing Jeffrey L. Ashton to create a non-profit to finance the 68% of us who cannot afford attorneys.

Please look for me in and around the Orange County Courthouse.  My hair is gray, and my Walker is red and black.  I will be protesting and gathering more evidence against Judge Jeffrey L. Ashley, or is it Ashton.  I had no idea he was infamous until a few days ago.

Do you automatically get disqualified as a juror in voir dire if you know about the judge and think he’s a scumbag?  Between those who know about Casey Anthony, Ashley Madison, and the Cub Scouts, we may not be able to seat a jury.


William M. Windsor, Pro Se (at least used to be)

5013 S Louise Avenue #1134, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, — ###-###-####

P.S.  I now live in a trailer in Lake Panasoffkee.  My mail gets forwarded from South Dakota, so email is better.

Jeff Ashton says on Ashley Madison he has a Skillful Tongue and Fingers and Member


And he posted this from the Orange County Courthouse.  The Ashley Madison accounts under Jeff Ashton name were accessed from the IP address that tracked to “” and the Ninth Judicial Circuit internal network.  Note his words used in a message on — shown within quotation marks below:


“Please be real. I want someone that fantasizes about being brought to a climax by a lover with a skillful tongue and fingers as well as his member.”

Jeff Ashton likes a big Toy collection.
Jeff Ashton likes a big Toy collection.


“Also a big toy collection is a plus”

Jeff Ashtons member
Jeff Ashtons member


“I am looking for someone who has fantasies we can act out. Who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.”

Jeffrey L. Ashton
Jeffrey L. Ashton thinking bout sex

Is Olivia Dunne the dream girl of Jeff Madison?
Is Olivia Dunne the dream girl of Jeff Madison?

Is this the Ashley Madison dream girl of Jeff Madison?
Is this the Ashley Madison dream girl of Jeff Madison?


“You must be discrete, not looking to change my situation just want to get excited again”

Is Grace Burchett the dream girl of Jeff Madison?

*** *** ***

The text shown above in quotation marks is exact quotes from the tiny little fingers of Jeffrey L. Ashton on the Ashley Madison website he accidentally visited 15 times.

I’m trying to get my hands on all of his “accidental” posts. is still operating.

And this Lying Bozo pretends to be a judge.

I’ve found the perfect retirement gift for Jeff Ashton.

Jeffrey L. Ashton Videos


Jeffrey L. Ashton is a Loser.  Defends is own son in criminal court:

Jury Finds Son Of Jeff Ashton Guilty In DUI Case —

Jeffrey L. Ashton is a Loser.


Jeff Ashton Bisexual Disclosure

Jeff Ashton bisexual adulterer

Anytime someone takes on the role of a public servant, their private life comes under scrutiny. While we must ask ourselves if it’s really our business, sometimes the secrets that ooze out are just a little too bad to ignore.

Unfortunately for Mr. Jeff Ashton, he found out the hard way that public servitude means open secrets. Rather than own up to his wrongdoings or simply refuse to address the issue, he made things worse by lying and trying to cover them up.

So, to start, did he have an Adult Friend Finder account? Yes.

After being confronted about his Ashley Madison account, he held a press conference to address any concerns or questions. He said that he had the account only to satisfy his own curiosity. He went on to say that while he was looking around, he never actually had any sort of physical affair. When questioned about whether he had any other dating or swinger site accounts, he gave a puzzling response; “I don’t even know how to answer that.” When asked about the email account he used for Ashley Madison, he also refused to answer.

This prompted investigative reporters to start digging further. Their research turned up an email address that was linked to paying for his known Ashley Madison account – as well as a user account on Adult Friend Finder. “” and “Barry5515” yielded results on both sites.

While you might think it’s just a coincidence, the profile on Adult Friend Finder was uncomfortably detailed. In addition to proving he did have a physical affair (referencing that he and the partner he shared the account with were friends who were married to parties uninterested in ‘erotic adventures’), it went into lengthy detail about physical descriptions of himself and his married ‘friend’ and went on to say that they were both in high-profile positions. Even locations and dates lined up with Mr. Jeff Ashton’s.

The profile included that Jeff Ashton was bisexual and “looking to explore his bi side”, though it did say he was willing to participate in hetero activity ‘with the right couple’.

The evidence together made it very clear that Jeff Ashton did indeed have an Adult Friend Finder Account.

Of course, this could describe many American couples who are older and looking to explore their ‘bi side’ and cash in on a little ‘erotic adventures’. In fact, his story may call out to a small percentage of the population.

Even those who aren’t inclined to step out on their spouses or indulge in adult fantasies might not mind that he was cheating or that he was bisexual since these are personal matters that don’t affect his career.

However, what does tarnish Jeff Ashton‘s reputation is that he lied about it, not only to his wife but to his voters. He made himself into a disreputable and untrustworthy individual. That does bring his career and his judgment into question, especially when it comes time to vote.

He went on to say that he refused to resign as he had committed no crime. The words would have been more powerful and had more meaning if they had come from a man who had stood firm by his mistake, shown genuine remorse, and changed his ways.

So, should we care? Yes. Though the matters were personal, how he handled the scandals was bad. It showed very negative character traits – lying, deception, manipulation, carelessness, and callus. These are not traits that people tend to want in a public servant, as it all leads to self-serving behavior. Anything to keep himself out of trouble, including his integrity.

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Jeff Ashton lied about his Active Involvement on Multiple Sex Sites

Adult Friend FinderJeff Ashton is into sex, and he lies about it.

Former Florida state attorney Jeff Ashton, infamous from losing the Casey Anthony murder trial, has admitted he was a subscriber to the Ashley Madison “dating” website… despite being a married father of six noted for his moralizing speeches.

Just Call Me Barry

However, Jeff Ashton, or Barry5515, claimed in a press conference that he merely “indulged his curiosity” about the site, insisted he committed no crime by patronizing it, said he had no intention of resigning, and in fact had no intention of answering any further questions about it.

As the Orlando Sentinel notes, Jeff Ashton even admitted that he accessed the adultery website from his office, although he insisted that he did not use government equipment to access the website, aside from the state government wi-fi network his laptop was connected to.

The Sentinel reports that Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has requested an extensive review of the “county database” (by which the paper presumably means firewall and system activity logs) to confirm whether any “taxpayer time or resources” were abused for access to Ashley Madison.

“I don’t think anyone was more surprised than I was to hear about this,” said Mayor Jacobs, in an interview with Fox35 in Orlando. “I certainly know that Mr. Ashton has to answer to his family, to his faith and to this community.”

A separate report from the Orlando Sentinel on Monday afternoon said that Orlando’s Fraternal Order of Police is calling for an external investigation of Jeff Ashton. “We have several Orlando Police Officers who are facing criminal cases that the State Attorney has pushed for,” explained union president Shawn Dunlap, an Orlando police officer. “The State Attorney’s Office has talked about independent review and how OPD should not be conducting their own investigations.  It would be kind of hypocritical to say that police are held to a higher standard and not demand an investigation when something like this is brought to light.”

Hi, this is Barry5515, I need a Total Wipe

Another detail that will take some work to reconcile with Jeff Ashton’s current denials is that he was an Ashley Madison member for two years, including an early account that he attempted to scrub by paying for the “total wipe” service, denounced by the hackers who stole the infidelity website’s data as a scam. That’s an awful lot of expensive “curiosity” he was indulging.

More from the Orlando Sentinel’s account of the Jeff Ashton press conference:

Jeff Ashton insisted that the “bad, childish, stupid error” was a personal one and would not affect his work as a state attorney.

He responded to a question about whether he had opened himself up to blackmail by saying that he never met anyone from the site and “never allowed any of it to go far enough” to a point where he could be identified. He also refused to divulge the email address he used, saying that “I think I’ve humiliated myself enough for one weekend.”

“I ask for the public’s forgiveness for my shortcomings, but those choices have had absolutely no impact on the performance of my official duties,” he said. “I regret that I have given ammunition to those who seek to discredit the work our office does. I am proud of the work and what we have accomplished thus far. But today, I’m not very proud of myself.”

Jeff Ashton choked up several times during the news conference (or acted like he was), usually when speaking about his family and the embarrassment it has caused them.

“If I could have spared (my family) what happened in the last 24 hours, I would do it,” Jeff Ashton said.

One immediate strategy for sparing your family anguish springs to mind: don’t become a paid subscriber to adultery websites.

Uh Oh, another sex site, and threesomes

While we wait to see if the sympathy and political cards work – this scandal is just my enemies trying to thwart my noble work is a hardy spin-control perennial – Jacob Engels of the East Orlando Postwho broke the story about Jeff Ashton’s Ashley Madison account, has something else for him to explain:

As part of our detailed research, we have determined that the email address utilized for payment purposes on was

Through further research, the East Orlando Post has discovered an account on with the username “Barry5515” – with a “G” (Group) ending the username – suggesting that he was posting on behalf of himself and another party.

This means Jeff Ashton was potentially untruthful at the press conference, because a profile appearing to describe his professional and personal life can be found on

The “untruthful” judgment comes from Jeff Ashton responding to a point-blank question about whether he had used other dating or swinger websites by responding, “I don’t even know how to answer that.”

Engels reviews some other points of similarity between the AdultFriendFinder account and Jeff Ashton’s Ashley Madison profile, including “Barry5515G” providing a description of himself that very closely matches Jeff Ashton’s appearance and age, and his residence in Winter Park, Florida.

Calling All 45-year-old redheaded women with green eyes

Two noteworthy aspects of the AdultFriendFinder account are that “Barry5515G” presented himself as one half of a couple looking for others to experiment sexually with – the other being a 45-year-old redheaded woman with green eyes – and the account was most recently accessed last week.

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