Jeff Ashton Bisexual Disclosure

Jeff Ashton bisexual adulterer

Anytime someone takes on the role of a public servant, their private life comes under scrutiny. While we must ask ourselves if it’s really our business, sometimes the secrets that ooze out are just a little too bad to ignore.

Unfortunately for Mr. Jeff Ashton, he found out the hard way that public servitude means open secrets. Rather than own up to his wrongdoings or simply refuse to address the issue, he made things worse by lying and trying to cover them up.

So, to start, did he have an Adult Friend Finder account? Yes.

After being confronted about his Ashley Madison account, he held a press conference to address any concerns or questions. He said that he had the account only to satisfy his own curiosity. He went on to say that while he was looking around, he never actually had any sort of physical affair. When questioned about whether he had any other dating or swinger site accounts, he gave a puzzling response; “I don’t even know how to answer that.” When asked about the email account he used for Ashley Madison, he also refused to answer.

This prompted investigative reporters to start digging further. Their research turned up an email address that was linked to paying for his known Ashley Madison account – as well as a user account on Adult Friend Finder. “” and “Barry5515” yielded results on both sites.

While you might think it’s just a coincidence, the profile on Adult Friend Finder was uncomfortably detailed. In addition to proving he did have a physical affair (referencing that he and the partner he shared the account with were friends who were married to parties uninterested in ‘erotic adventures’), it went into lengthy detail about physical descriptions of himself and his married ‘friend’ and went on to say that they were both in high-profile positions. Even locations and dates lined up with Mr. Jeff Ashton’s.

The profile included that Jeff Ashton was bisexual and “looking to explore his bi side”, though it did say he was willing to participate in hetero activity ‘with the right couple’.

The evidence together made it very clear that Jeff Ashton did indeed have an Adult Friend Finder Account.

Of course, this could describe many American couples who are older and looking to explore their ‘bi side’ and cash in on a little ‘erotic adventures’. In fact, his story may call out to a small percentage of the population.

Even those who aren’t inclined to step out on their spouses or indulge in adult fantasies might not mind that he was cheating or that he was bisexual since these are personal matters that don’t affect his career.

However, what does tarnish Jeff Ashton‘s reputation is that he lied about it, not only to his wife but to his voters. He made himself into a disreputable and untrustworthy individual. That does bring his career and his judgment into question, especially when it comes time to vote.

He went on to say that he refused to resign as he had committed no crime. The words would have been more powerful and had more meaning if they had come from a man who had stood firm by his mistake, shown genuine remorse, and changed his ways.

So, should we care? Yes. Though the matters were personal, how he handled the scandals was bad. It showed very negative character traits – lying, deception, manipulation, carelessness, and callus. These are not traits that people tend to want in a public servant, as it all leads to self-serving behavior. Anything to keep himself out of trouble, including his integrity.

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