Is this Jeff Ashton’s Redhead Threesome Partner

Jeffrey L. Ashton
Jeffrey L. Ashton

Jeffrey L. Ashton and the Redhead.

Is the woman on the right his secret lover and threesome partner?

In information obtained from AdultFriendFinder, Jeff Ashton aka, was looking for a man with whom to share his “Bi Side.”  He offered his redheaded girlfriend (not his married wife) for a man to share sexual fantasies with.  The new Adult Friend would get homo sex with Barry5115 and hetero sex with the redhead, and he’d get to watch as Jeff Ashton used his magic tongue, magic fingers, and tiny member on the redhead.  The redhead will get to watch as Jeff Ashton and his new butt-buddy do nasty things to each other.

Who is the redhead?  Someone who worked with Jeff Ashton knows.  Let’s talk to her and see what she has to disclose.