Liar Nose

Jeffrey L. Ashton Background

I had no idea that my judge in the 18-Wheeler Case is infamous. Judge Jeffrey L, Ashton.

Jeffrey L. Ashton is the prosecutor who lost the Casey Anthony case.

AND, this married man was caught red-handed as an Ashley Madison affair website client.

It’s going to be much easier to get national publicity about his crimes with me.

I am officially challenging him to a debate on the law at the University of Florida Law School. I’ll embarrass the Hell out of this liar.


I understand Jeffrey L. Ashton played the flute in the Boca Ciega High School marching band.  He was a Cub Scout, a member of the Science Club, and he was an AV Geek who set up overhead projectors in classrooms.


  • Juris Doctor: University of Florida

  • Bachelor of Arts: University of Florida

Ashton’s current term ends on January 7, 2025.  So, let’s gear up to get this guy gone sooner,

Ashton won election for judge of the Florida 9th Circuit Court outright in the primary on August 28, 2018 after the general election was canceled.


3-Time Loser at Love

Jeffrey L. Ashton’s first wife was Amy Brotman whom he married in 1979.  They share two sons: Adam and Jon.  The couple divorced, and in 1987, he married Joy Meidhof (m.1987-div.1996).  He had a son Alex and a daughter Rebecca with Meidhof.  His third wife is Rita Brockway.

Jeffrey L. Ashton and Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Scandal

In 2015, when the Ashley Madison cheating website was hacked and millions of users details exposed, Jeffrey L. Ashton was one of them.  Jeffrey L. Ashton said that he had committed no crime and would not be resigning his position as Orange-Osceola State Attorney.   He downplayed his involvement with the Ashley Madison girls, but there were two Ashley Madison accounts affiliated to Jeffrey L.  Ashton’s address and name.  There were 14 transactions between both accounts (both paid using the same credit card) that were active from July, 2013 until February, 2015.  14 accidents, hmmmm…..

I guess if you can’t find love, you can pay for sex….